Liver and Gastric Centre


SQUARE Gastroenterology Centre
Each patient is unique. Our team of Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists with national and international training, qualification and experience ensures that you are treated comprehensively, individually, uniquely. Supported by other members of our efficient healthcare team as well as latest diagnostic tools, our Gastroenterology and Hepatology team are delivering high-quality affordable healthcare at SQUARE OPD. To feel the quality difference, please come and visit us.
OPD Services:
As other departments (Previously mentioned)
Endoscopic Procedure:
  1. Diagnostic Oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy, Colonoscopy and ERCP
  2. All therapeutic options for Variceal Bleeding
  3. Oesophageal Dilatation and stenting
  4. Polypectomy
  5. Biliary and pancreatic stone extraction, duct dilatation and stenting
  6. Other GI procedure like PEG, Endoscopic, haemostasis, feeding tube insertion etc.
Our Specialty:
  • Probably best GI team in the city
  • Round the clock emergency coverage
  • Maintenance of strict infection-control protocol
  • Endoscopic Procedure done with minimal discomfort to the patients and under sedation if needed