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Square Executive Health & Well Being Center


Your life rotates around your dear ones. For them are your life and dreams. This togetherness also keeps rousing newer possibilities. And for those possibilities to come true, you have to keep well. That is why we have lunched our executive health screen program. It lets you know the physical details with four hours only (whether applicable), and there is also prompt consultancy by specialist doctor.

Make NO delay

- in availing our health screen service and have every beauty of your life as secured and serene.

SQUARE EXECUTIVE HEALTH & WELL BEING CENTRE is one of the largest physical check-up centres in the country with all required diagnostic services in a single dedicated floor. This comprehensive center has specially trained physicians with the extensive diagnostic and laboratory facilities of Square Hospital.

Services and facilities available in SQUARE EXECUTIVE HEALTH & WELL BEING CENTRE

  • Thorough physical examinations
  • Patent history assessments
  • World class laboratory investigations
  • Comprehensive imaging services --- Mammography, Ultrasonography, X-ray, BMD (Bone Densitometry)
  •   Cardiac assessment --- ECG, Echocardiography, ETT (Stress Test)
  • Audiograms for children and neonates
  • Private examination rooms for consultation and physical exams
  • Blood draw/phlebotomy station
  •   Complete imaging and lab facilities
  •   Male & female changing areas
  •   Complimentary snack bar

If your check-up shows health concerns that need more attention, we will set up a referral to a specific consultant.