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Square Executive Health & Well Being Centre

SQUARE EXECUTIVE HEALTH & WELL BEING CENTRE is one of the largest physical checkup centres in the country with all required diagnostic services in a single dedicated floor. This comprehensive center has specially trained physicians with the extensive diagnostic and laboratory facilities of Square Hospital.

Why Executive Health Check Up: 

  • Thorough physical examinations
  • Patent history assessments
  • World class laboratory investigations
  • Comprehensive imaging services --- Mammography, Ultrasonography, X-ray, BMD (Bone Densitometry)
  •   Cardiac assessment --- ECG, Echocardiography, ETT (Stress Test)
  • Audiograms for children and neonates
  • Private examination rooms for consultation and physical exams
  • Blood draw/phlebotomy station
  •   Complete imaging and lab facilities
  •   Male & female changing areas
  •   Complimentary snack bar

When Executive Health Check Up: 

You may schedule a yearly checkup or
“annual physical” with your health care provider.
It usually includes a health history, physical exam
and tests. It will help you stay well and live a healthy life.


Your screening results will tell your doctor all they need to know about your health. Depending upon them they may warn you and/or give you advice on how you can better maintain your health. Regular checkups are a great way to stay aware of what you can do to improve your health and reduce your risk of diseases. If your check-up shows health concerns that need more attention, we will set up a referral to a specific consultant.