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Square Radiology & Imaging Centre

SQUARE Hospitals Radiology & Imaging centre is located on the 3rd floor of the main hospital building. This centre caters to patients requiring plain and contrast X-rays, OPG, ultrasounds, CT and MRI’s. We also routinely perform Bone mineral density (BMD) and Tomosynthesis with mammography.Prior appointments are not required for plain X-rays. However, it is advisable to obtain prior appointments for contrast X-rays as this may include prior preparation. CT scans typically require prior appointments. However, both CT and MRI scans are done on a 24 hours basis. Emergency cases are always handled with priority. Other than routine ultrasound Square Hospital is capable of 4D studies, Doppler and MSK studies, along with various USG guided procedures using multiple premium and higher end USG machines. X-ray section of SQUARE Hospitals serves the patients using two 1000 MA all purpose digital X-ray units and six portable X-ray units. >We are equipped with 01 multi detector CT scanners which remarkably reduce the patient’s waiting time and quick handling of emergent patients without any unnecessary delay. Our 500 slice CT scanner is capable of performing high quality cardiac CT angiograms along with all kinds of CT angiogram. We routinely perform cerebral CT angiogram at any time of the day for patients having subarachnoid hemorrhage in brain thus helped to save many lives by performing, vascular surgery if there is any vascular pathology at CT angiogram. Our 1.5 T and 3T state of art MRI units are running almost 24 hours a day with all advanced essential imaging sequences and imaging coils along with well-trained technologist & radiologist to produce reliable MRI reports.

We perform here advance MRI technology like:

  • MR spectroscopy
  • fMRI,Tactography
  • CSF flow study
  • MR mammography
  • 3-D MRCP
  • mpMRI of prostate
  • Liver fat quantification,
  • Whloe body Onchology screening etc.
SQUARE Hospital’s radiology and imaging centre is equipped with Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). PACS with suitable workstation allows multi-planner and 3 dimensional reconstructions of radiological images. Besides online viewing of radiological images without any film or hard copy PACS are able to send digital images to other centres along with long time preservation of the imaging data, so that we can retrieve these data at any time & if the films are lost or damaged we can reproduce it.