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Square Women Centre

Square Hospital takes care of Obstetric and Gynecological patients at the 7th and 8th floor of the main hospital building. The OBGYN consultants provide antenatal care for pregnant ladies. At the time of delivery patients are admitted to the Labor and Delivery Rooms (LDR) located on the 7th floor. The LDR has observation beds, secluded beds for eclampsia patients and four berthing / birthing suites. All the facilities for painless normal vaginal delivery are available in LDR. Two dedicated Operation Theatres for cesarean sections are located in the LDR area. A roof top garden is situated next to the LDR area to be used by expectant mothers. Emergency cases are directly admitted to LDR through ER. Any OBGYN emergency case from anywhere in the city and outside city is attended by our physician. We have highly skilled efficient physicians both in OBGYN and NICU & Anesthesia unit round the clock who can safely manage any case. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is located in the same the floor as the LDR across the hall. Deliveries are attended by pediatrician from the Neonatal Intensive Care unit (NICU). If clinically required newborn babies are transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit immediately. All types of surgical care is also available by our Paediatric & Neonatal surgery team. After delivery of the baby and after an adequate period of observation the mothers are transferred to the 8th floor. A nursery staffed by nurses and physicians are located on the same floor to take care of these healthy newly born babies of very sick mother who can’t take care of their baby. The 8th floor, which is the OBGYN floor, also accommodates the gyn patients.

Our Specialties

  • 24 hour care by specialists
  • State of the art pathology and radiology department for accurate diagnosis
  • Facility for monitoring fetal wellbeing
  • On-site world class Neonatal ICU

Our Services

  • Convenient OPD hours
  • World class delivery rooms and dedicated operation theatres to perform all
  • Gynae and Obstetrics surgery
  • Facilities for painless delivery
  • Round the clock anesthetic department and blood bank support
  • Round the clock emergency services by specialists in E.R