Health Screening Centre

SQUARE Hospitals Health Screening Centre is open six days week from 8 o’clock in the morning. We offer the following health screen packages:
  1. SQUARE Executive Health Check (Female)
  2. SQUARE Executive Health Check (Male)
  3. SQUARE Cardiac Checkup
  4. SQUARE Evidence Based Screen
  5. SQUARE  Diabetic Health Screen
    1. Annual Screen
    2. Semi annual Screen
  6. SQUARE Breast Screen (3 separate packages)
  7. SQUARE Smoker Screen
  8. SQUARE Lung Disease Screen
  9. SQUARE Liver Screen
  10. SQUARE Well Woman Health Screen (for ladies above 40 years of age)    
It is ideal to make prior appointments, however walk-in patients are also welcome.
Individuals are required to observe fasting for at least ten hours prior to arrival. Plain drinking water is allowed. Patients are also instructed not to take morning medication, but to bring them along with them. Alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided on the day of the test.
Patients at first are seen by our physician at the health screen programme. Here patient history and a full medical exam is undertaken. Next, blood is drawn for relevant tests. They are then escorted to various parts of the hospital for other tests. This includes tests in cardiology area and radiology.
Breakfast is provided, free for all patients after appropriate tests are done. Relevant reports are made ready, usually the following day. The healthcare coordinator who is a senior physician will sit with the individual to discuss all relevant findings.