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Square Hospital Started Vitamin D Testing

Do you know that the modern world is facing a new menace in the form of vitamin-D deficiency related complications? We used to know that vitamin-D deficiency mostly occurred in European countries due to lack of sunlight which caused rickets, a bone-deforming disease. But recent studies have shown a horrifying picture of vitamin-D deficiency among more than a half of studied population and more importantly that in addition to bone-related disorders it is also associated with cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis (fragility of bones), kidney disease, depression, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, immune deficiency, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, childhood asthma and bronchitis.

Sunlight, eggs, fish liver oil are our main sources of vitamin-D. Studies have revealed that our modern indoor lifestyle is responsible for vitamin-D deficiency of more than a half of studied population. Even sunscreen blocks production of vitamin-D.

Are you sure that you do not have vitamin-D deficiency? 

You can test it at SQUARE HOSPITAL