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Introducing SOMATOM Force, Dual Source, Duel Energy CT Scan Machine

On 09 September, 2018, Square Hospital Ltd. officially launches for the first time in Bangladesh a Dual Source & Dual Energy SOMATOM Force CT scanner which is 2 steps ahead of others. Square Hospital has just installed this brand new cutting edge, technological marvel CT scan machine by Siemens in Square Radiology & Imaging Centre.

SQUARE Hospitals Ltd. is a 450 beds premiere tertiary care Hospital and the leading provider of private healthcare services in Bangladesh. As a part of providing world class treatment facilitates, the new SOMATOM Force CT scanner has the dual source dual energy technology that enables very fast imaging through turbo flash and patient do not need to stop breathing during scan. It can identify any endoleak in real time. This machine has excellent resolution with image clarity and up to ¼ contrast media is enough to facilitate cardiac imaging.

The unique quality to reduce scan time with extended coverage resulting in more accurate study for all parts of body, especially for non-cooperating/elderly patients. It also has the unique quality for Chest Cancer Screening, provide excellent image in identifying diseases. All these qualities of this cutting edge technology providing SOMATOM Force CT scanner reiterate the vow AT SQUARE WE CARE more than you expect.

On September 09, 2018 Mr. Tapan Choudhury- Managing Director, Square Hospitals Ltd inaugurated this machine at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel.