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Cardiac Surgery Package

SL #NAME OF THE PACKAGESTwin SharedStandardDeluxeSuiteDuration Of StayExtra Chargeable
1CABG NORMAL RISK301,800341,800391,800507,30010 Days
2CABG HIGH RISK336,800376,800426,800542,30010 Days
3CABG Redo391,800431,800453,300547,30010 Days
4CABG - TOTAL ARTERIAL GRAFT316,800356,800406,800522,30010 Days
5CABG with VALVE Replacement337,300377,300427,300542,80010 DaysCost of Valve and Valve Suture
6TOF Open Heart266,800306,800356,800482,30010 Days
7AVR/MVR (Normal Risk)231,800271,800321,800437,30010 DaysCost of Valve and Valve Suture
8AVR/MVR (High Risk)268,800308,800358,800474,30010 DaysCost of Valve and Valve Suture
9AVR/MVR Redo279,800319,800369,800485,30010 Days
10VSD (Normal Risk)226,800266,800316,800432,30010 Days
11VSD (High Risk)279,800319,800369,800485,30010 Days
12ASD - Open Heart (Normal Risk)216,300256,300306,300421,3008 Days
13ASD - Open Heart (High Risk)251,800306,800341,800457,30010 Days
14DVR - (Normal Risk)279,800319,800369,800485,30010 DaysCost of Valve and Valve Suture
15DVR Redo291,800331,800381,800494,30010 DaysCost of Valve and Valve Suture
16Varicose Vein Surgery71,55081,55091,050138,3003 Days
17PDA / CMC107,800122,800134,800191,8004 Days
18Pericardial Window107,800122,800134,800196,8004 Days
19Peripheral vascular Repair, AVM, Bypass surgery113,800128,800142,800199,8004 DaysSynthetic Graft
20Coarctation of Aorta/BTS (BT-Shunt) Surgical Repair185,800212,300232,300297,3007 DaysSynthetic Graft

Packages Includes:

Room rent, Professional Fees, OT and Hospital Charges, Lab Investigation, Medicine, MSU , Facilities bag and Nursing Service Charge during the duration of the packages.

Packages excludes:

1. Charge for Donor's group, Cross match and blood transfusion

2. Charge for C-Arm, Tissue Sealing and Harmonic Sacrpal

3. Medicine (Specbac, Clexane, Albutein, Human Albumin & Clotinex)

4. VAT & If any other.