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General Surgery Package

SL #NAME OF THE PACKAGEWardSharedStandardDeluxeSuiteDuration of stayRemarks
1Appendiecectomy Package66,30076,30088,30095,300158,3003 Days
2Inguinal Hernia Package57,30065,30076,30082,300143,3003 Days
3Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Package89,30096,300108,300113,300175,3003 Days
4Laparoscopic Appendiecectomy Package70,30079,30091,30097,300161,3003 Days

Packages Includes:

Room rent, Professional Fees, OT and Hospital Charges, Lab Investigation, Medicine, MSU Facilities bag and Nursing Services Charge during the duration of the packages only.
Packages excludes:

1. Charge for Donor group, Cross match and blood transfusion

2. VAT If Any other