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Cardiology Package

SL #NAME OF PACKAGETwinStandardDeluxeSuiteDuration of stayExtra Chargeable
1Radial Angiography Package - Day Care17,000---Day Care
2Coronary Angiography - 1 day18,00021,30024,30039,3001 Day
3Coronary Angiography - 2 days22,80027,80033,30061,8002 Days
4Peripheral/Cerebral Angiography - 1 Day18,80021,30024,30039,3001 Day
5Peripheral/Cerebral Angiography - 2 Days22,80027,80033,30061,8002 Days
6CABG Angiography / Graft Study25,80029,30032,30047,3001 Day
7High Risk Angiography/HbsAg/HCV23,80026,30029,30044,3001 Day
82 Region Combined Angiography (1 Day)23,80028,80033,80048,8001 Day
92 Region Combined Angiography (2 Days)25,80030,80035,80063,3002 Days
10Right & Left Heart Cathetherization (ADULT) 1 - day18,80021,30024,30039,3001 Day
11Right & Left Heart Cathetherization (ADULT) 2 days22,80027,80033,30061,8002 Days
12Coronary Angioplasty (Simple)84,80092.300101,300145,8004 DaysCost of Stent
13Coronary Angioplasty (Complex-Level-1) 2/3 Vessel and 2/3 Stent95,800103,800111,800160,3004 DaysCost of Stent & IABP
14Coronary Angioplasty (Complex-Level-2) Bifurcation, CTO, Lt. Main, GAGB Graft PCI105,800113,800121,800170,3004 DaysCost of Stent & IABP
15Primary Coronary Intervention120,800134,300147,800188,8004 Days
16Peripheral Angioplasty84,80092,300101,300145,8004 DaysCost of Stent
17Abandoned Angioplasty33,80038,80044,80075,8003 DaysCost of Stent
18Permanent Pacemakers (Single Chamber)53,80062,30069,800115,8004 DaysIABP
19Permanent Pacemakers (Dual Chamber)58,80066,30074,800119,8004 DaysIABP
20Re-Do Pacemakers53,80062,30069,800115,8004 DaysIABP
21Implantable Cardiovertor Defibrillator (Single Chamber)73,80082,30089,800137,8004 DaysIABP
22Implantable Cardiovertor Defibrillator (Dual Chamber)84,80092,300101,300145,8004 DaysIABP
23Valvuloplasty : Mitral / Pulmonary / Aortic53,80062,30069,800115,8003 Days
24Carotid Angioplasty53,80062,30069,800115,8003 Days
25Renal Angioplasty53,80062,30069,800115,8003 Days
26PTMC53,80062,30069,800115,8003 Days
27Septostomy48,30055,80063,300109,3003 Days
28Bi Ventriculer Pacemaker84,80092,300101,300145,8004 Days
29CRT-D84,80092,300101,300145,8004 Days
30Carotid Angiography22,80027,80033,30061,8002 Days
31Aortography22,80027,80033,30061,8002 Days
32Renal Angiogram22,80027,80033,30061,8002 Days
33Aortic Valvoplasty55,80063,80071,300119,3003 Days
34Pulmonary Valvoplasty55,80063,80071,300119,3003 Days
35CHECK ANGIOGRAM7,500Only Procedure
36CVP LINE/PIC LINE4,400Only Procedure

Packages Includes:

All Lab & Radiology investigations, Room rent, ICU/CCU Charges, Professional Fees, OT and Hospital Charges, Medicine and MSU, Facilities bag(IPD only) during the duration of the packages.

Packages excludes:

1. Charge for Donor's group, Cross match and blood transfusion

2. Extra copy of CD

3. Medicine (Specbac, Clexane, Albutein, Human Albumin, Integril & Clotinex)

4. VAT & If any Other