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OBS & GYN Package

SL #NAME OF PACKAGETwinStandardDeluxeSuiteDuration of PackageRemarks
1Caesarian Delivery Package111,300129,300141,300228,3004 DaysIncluding Baby Care Charges
2Caesarian Delivery Package - High Risk122,300139,300148,300238,3004 DaysIncluding Baby Care Charges
3Abdominal Hysterectomy Package (With or without BSO)109,300123,300130,300216,3004 Days
4Abdominal Hysterectomy Package (With or without BSO)With Epidural116,300130,300137,300223,3004 DaysWith Epidural Procedure
5Abdominal Hysterectomy Package (With or without BSO) - High Risk120,300135,300143,300227,3004 Days
6Abdominal Hysterectomy Package (With or without BSO) High Risk with Epidural127,300142,300150,300234,3004 DaysWith Epidural Procedure
7Vaginal Hysterectomy Package ( With or Without Repair)108,500122,500129500215,5004 Days
8Vaginal Hysterectomy Package ( With or Without Repair) with Epidural116,300130,300137,300223,3004 DaysWith Epidural Procedure
9Myomectomy (Abdominal) Package109,300123,300130,300216,3004 Days
10Ovarian Cystectomy Package88,30098,300106,300170,3003 Days
11Salpingoophorectomy Package88,30098,300106,300170,3003 Days
12Myomectomy (Simple Abdominal) Package88,30098,300106,300170,3003 Days
13Laparotomy Package80,30093,300102,300165,3003 Days
14Diagnoctic Laparoscopic (Gynecology), With or without overian drilling56,30066,30073,300115,3002 Days
15Dilatation and Curettage(IPD )32,50037,50040,50061,5001 Day
16Dilatation and Curettage(Day Care )31,500

Day Care Bed Up to 12 hour
17Normal Delivery Package60,30065,80069,80091,3001 DayIncluding Baby Care Charges
18Normal Delivery Package with Epidural67,30072,80076,80098,3001 DayWith Epidural Procedure
19Laparotomy Procedure for Ectopic Pregency88,30098,300106,300170,3003 Days
20Complicated Laparotomy93,300108,300121,300206,3004 Days
21Diagonistic Dilatation and Curettage With Cervical Biopsy (Day Care )35,500

Day Care Bed Up to 12 hour
22Anterior & Posterior Vaginal Repair76,30088,30097,300159,3003 Days
23Manchestere Repair (Fothergill Operation)109,300123,300130,300216,3004 Days
24LAVH Package112,300129,300139,300225,3004 Day
25Laparoscopic Overian Cystectomy/Salpingoophorectomy/Salpingectomy86,30098,300104,300167,3003 Day
26Cervical Polypectomy Package25,500

Day Care Bed Up to 12 hour
27EUA with Cervical Biopsy Package25,500

Day Care Bed Up to 12 hour

Packages Includes:

Room rent, Professional Fees, OT and Hospital charges, Lab Investigation Medicine, MSU and Nursing Services Charge, Facilities bag (IPD only) & Nenatal Rapid Neurodevelopment Assesment (NRNDA) during the duration of the packages only.

Packages excludes :

1. Charge for Donor's group, Cross match and blood transfusion If Any other.

2. Medicine (Specbac, Clexane, Albutein, Human Albumin Clotinex)

For Twin Baby:
Charge Tk.16,500/= for Ceasarian Delivery,Tk.6,000/= for Normal Delivery.