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Sexual life can be severely affected in patients with psoriasis. However, this component is not often assessed by clinicians. Many people with psoriasis – both men and women – feel self-conscious about their condition and nervous about intimacy. They might worry that a partner won’t find them attractive or desirable. Partners may be anxious as well, especially if they don’t know much about psoriasis. Bangladesh is Muslim dominant state, people attitude regarding sex is different from western. To determine the prevalence of sexual impairment and its degree of association with clinical and personal factors among psoriasis patients in Bangladesh.


Effect of psoriasis on sexual life was investigated in all eligible adults attended hospital OPD with psoriasis in a dermatological clinic from February 2012 to February 2015, using answers from two dermatology-specific questionnaires on quality of life, Clinical severity and psychological problems were also evaluated. The same questionnaires were collected 3 months after treatment and counselling to estimate changes from baseline.


Of 150 patients,from 24.6% (Psoriasis Disability Index) to 52% (Impact of Psoriasis on Quality of Life Questionnaire) reported to have experienced sexual problems because of psoriasis. A more severe disease and the presence of psychological problems were also associated with sexual impairment. At 3- month follow-up, a reduction of clinical severity of 60% shows improvement of sexual quality of life about 70%.


Psoriasis patients faces devastating impairment of sexual life,especially severe and genital involved patients. More specific questions are needed to access sexual life from quality of life questionnaires that provide a simple tool.Improvement of patients quality of life depends on better patient-physician communication

By: Prof. Dr. Mohammad Samiul Huq, Consultant, Dermatology