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Square Hospital Laboratory & Pathology Medicine

Bringing you the Best Quality Result is our Commitment. SHL laboratories owes its credibility to clear vision, mission, value systems and a well – defined quality motto with a proactive management, always wanting to improve its own standard. SHL Laboratories provides a wide range of Laboratory investigations with state of the art equipments under expert, highly qualified and experienced professionals.

  • Quest for excellence will reflect in everything we do
  • We will continuously evaluate our own performance
  • We will exceed customer expectation and improve our standard of excellence

Core Value:

  • Ethical practice
  • Quality of work
  • Leadership in the field
  • Good turnaround time
  • Dedication to the customer
  • Competitiveness with co-existence
  • Transparency

SHL lab can boast many firsts to its credit – to name a few:

  • First to introduce bar code for patient registration
  • First to introduce Integrated Analyzer
  • First to use Leukofilter in blood transfusion
  • First automated analyzer doing Blood group and cross matching
  • First to introduce automated Immunohistochemistry machine

SHL lab has been striving to reach a minimum – error situation by introducing:

  • Computerized registration with bar code with name and unique no.
  • Analyzers with facility to read the bar code.
  • Bi- directional / unidirectional interface.
  • Following strict, uncompromising Quality Control (QC) procedure.

Quality result is the utmost target/priority: To ensure quality we:

  • Regularly perform and analyze Internal QC as per requirement of ISO 15189 standard
  • Participate external Quality Assurance ( QA ) program ( a monthly program with Randox International Quality Assurance Scheme ), USA
  • Regularly calibrate all auto analyzers, reagents and accessories like centrifuges, Micropipettes, balances and thermometers.

Quick Turnaround Time (TAT)

Customers’ satisfaction largely depends on quick result. SHL lab strictly committed to fulfill their TAT commitment as per following priority;

  • STAT: result within 30 min from the time of sample reception at lab.
  • URGENT : result within 2 hrs
  • ROUTINE : result within 4 hrs( except schedule tests )

Personnel Competence:

Man behind the machine is of great importance to SHL management. For the development of personnel competence existing facilities include:

Continuing educational program

  • Internet facilities
  • On line enrolment with University of Washington ( Laboratory Medicine Department )
  • Proficiency evaluation
  • Internet facilities
  • On line enrolment with University of Washington ( Laboratory Medicine Department )
  • Proficiency evaluation

SHL has different sections as follows:

Clinical chemistry & Immunology Section

The lab has pioneered the concept of integration (Biochemistry, Immunology & Nephelometry) in diagnostic laboratories. Analyzers with bidirectional interface decreased the error rate to the minimum. Some important tests we added to our common test parameters:

  • Chikungunya IgM & IgG
  • Quantiferon TB Gold
  • Syphilis
  • PTH
  • Vit, D3 ( 25-Hydroxy)
  • Cortisol in 5 different status
  • Growth Hormone in 6 different status
  • Anti- Mullarian Hormone
  • Myeloma profile: Serum immunofixaton (with protein electrophoresis)

Anatomic Pathology:

The most modern technology for cancer detection :

Modern equipments like automated tissue processor, high quality cryostat machine, automated immunostain machine to ensure best care of patients. The slides of excellent quality are comparable with the best institution abroad. A team of qualified and experienced pathologists & technologists ensures that quality of reporting in. Diagnostic services include:

  • Histopathology: For biopsy & surgical specimens with Automated tissue processor
  • Cytospin facilityfor Cytopathology ( First introduced in Bangladesh)
  • Frozen section - done in all the working days.
  • FNAC: Superficial & guided (CT guided & USG guided) – done in all the working days
  • Paps smear ( Gyn. cytology)
  • Special stains for diagnostic purpose of cancer & also identification of microbial agents in tissue
  • Immunohistochemistry (First introduced in Bangladesh in full automated machine):
  • ER, PR, Her2neu, P53, Ki67 testing for the Breast cancer patients
  • Lymphoma profile both Hodgkin’s & Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Prostatic , urinary bladder, renal cell carcinoma marker
  • Carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma markers etc
  • Brain tumor markers
  • Gynaecological tumor markers
  • Muscle biopsy & Enzyme histochemistry (First introduced in Bangladesh)

Hematology & Coagulation Section

Our pride in this section automated blood cell counters, coagulation analyzers which are properly maintained, periodically calibrated. The special test facilities are:

  • Bone marrow aspiration and analysis
  • Trephine biopsy specialized with Immunohistochemistry
  • Hb-Electrophoresis: To detect thalassemia & other hemoglobin disorders
  • Flowcytometry : SHL lab is equipped with Flowcytometry to detect leukemiaand lymphoma. From the start of hospital operation following panels are available:AML Panel, ALL panel. CLL ctc.
  • Body fluid cell count in automated machine (CSF, Pleural fluid, Ascitic fluid, Synovial fluid & others)

Coagulation Section: Most of the following coagulation parameters are only available in SHL

  • Protein C
  • Protein S
  • Fibronogen
  • Antithrombin III
  • Thrombin time
  • Factor VIII
  • Factor IX
  • vWF antigen
  • Factor V leiden
  • Lupus anticoagulants

Molecular Pathology Section:

SHL Lab is highly equipped with GeneXpert technology & PCR; the following special tests are done:

  • GeneXpert MTB/RIF
  • GeneXpert for HIV
  • Bcr/abl (9:22) Translocation by RT-PCR
  • HBV-DNA Quantitative
  • HCV-RNA Quantitative
  • HCV Genotyping
  • Genital HPV DNA
  • HSV- I&II Antigen

Clinical Pathology Section

  • Urea breath test ' for detection of H. Pylori (Helikit)
  • Urine for 'Ben-johns protein' by automated procedure
  • Body fluid and cerebrospinal fluid analysis done by auto analyzers and reviewed by pathologists.
  • Automated Dipstick Reader is used for urine analysis.

Microbiology Section

Microbiology section of SHL lab is equipped with automated analyzer for microbial identification & sensitivity, Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) can be determined in selected cases. The section brings much benefit to the doctors and the patients providing an early report when positive alarms even after 24 hours of sample incubation. Strict environment is maintained while doing the test:

  • Anaerobic culture
  • TB culture & sensitivity
  • Fungal culture
  • Special tests for MRSA, CRE, ESBL, VRE detection
  • Special arrangement for information of critical reports (such as blood/CSF culture etc) to the clinicians.

Blood bank

Square Hospital blood bank provides the safest possible blood for the patient which follows the American Association of Blood Bank (AABB) guideline. For Blood grouping & cross matching Column agglutination/ Gel card technique are used in full automated equipment which ispioneer of modern blood banking in Bangladesh. USFDA guideline is used for Donors infectious disease screening (Hbs Ag, Anti Hbc Total, Anti-HCV, HIV Ag, Anti HIV, VDRL, malaria ) SHBL is exceptional in the sense that, some special procedures have been regularly done.

  • Leukofiltered blood & blood products
  • Plateletpheresis
  • Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)
  • Bloodletting facilities

SHL blood bank has pioneered in Bangladesh to provide maximum number of blood components: SHL blood bank has pioneered in Bangladesh to provide maximum number of blood components:

  • Whole blood
  • Packed cell
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  • Platelet concentrate
  • Cryoprecipitate
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • ‘O’ negative PRBC reconstitutes in ‘AB’ plasma
  • Irradiated blood products (First introduced in Bangladesh)

  • Blood Donor Iformation

    Our objective is to protect both the donor as well as the recipient of the blood. When a donor arrives at blood bank, the individual goes through a strict screening guideline. The screening process consists of a confidential medical history, physical examination which includes checking the donor’s body weight, pulse, blood pressure and temperature. A small sample of blood is also taken from the donor to check his or her hemoglobin level. All information regarding the donor evaluation is kept strictly confidential. We then take a sample of blood from the donor and check for certain infectious diseases. If the donor is of the same blood group as the potential recipient and all tests are negative the donor is asked to donate blood. This he or she does in a reclining chair in blood bank. The donor is observed for at least thirty minutes and is provided with refreshments. Blood donation is safe. New, sterile, disposable equipments are used at SQUARE Hospitals blood bank. If you are a healthy adult you can usually donate one bag (450 ml) of blood without endangering your health. Within 24 hours of blood donation your body replaces the lost fluid enough within several weeks; your body replaces the lost red blood cells. If you are in good health and meet all the donation criteria, you can donate blood every four months.An adult if he or she requires platelets needs four to six donors. These donors will donate whole blood from which the platelets are separated and the amount platelets obtained form four to six donors comprises of one dose of platelets for adults. This entire cumbersome process may be avoided by obtaining platelets by aphaeresis technology from a single donor. SQUARE Hospitals is equipped with appropriate platelet aphaeresis machines.