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A Few Word of SQUARE

Square is an organization with equal emphasis on leadership, technology, quality and passion. It believes in continuous innovation and progress. Its endeavor is to bring the best minds together in a uniquely rich and stimulating environment.

Square drives for excellence; the urge to never stand still, to never slow down and to never stop thinking. Square is a corporate giant active in divergent business and industrial fields. Its present unassailable status is the outcome of its successful diversification. Square holds a very strong position as a business leader in this country, and have earned trusted brand image to the people of Bangladesh.

When asked Mr. Samason H Chowdhury, why the name SQUARE was chosen, he remembered - "We named it SQUARE because it was started by four friends and also because it signifies accuracy and perfection meaning quality"

A token of gratitude to the nation

Sixty years of hard work and commitment have brought us where we are today. We are keenly aware of our responsibility as the most respected business organization of the country. Our relentless effort is to make Square Hospital worthy of nation's trust and confidence. While many Bangladeshis are going abroad to seek quality healthcare services at a cost of valuable foreign currency, SHL is contributing to reduce this outflow.

Mr. Samson H Chowdhury (1925-2012)

Samson H Chowdhury is a renowned entrepreneur and a commercially successful person in the history of Bangladesh. Samson H Chowdhury is the founder of the country leading private company, SQUARE.

In 1952, he started a small pharmacy in Ataikula village which is about 160 km off capital Dhaka in the north-west part of Bangladesh. Mr. Samson H Chowdhury then ventured into a partnership pharmaceutical company with three of his friends in 1958. SQUARE today is a name not only known in the Pharmaceutical world, it is today a synonym of quality- be it consumer product, toiletries, health products, textiles, agro vet products, information technology and few more. All these were possible due to his innovative ideas, tireless efforts, perseverance and dedication with self confidence that contributed to his successful achievements. Now the name "SQUARE” inspires trust. Under his dynamic leadership, SQUARE is set to continue its progress globally.


25 September 1925: Eldest son of Eakub Hussain Chowdhury and Latika Chowdhury, Samson H Chowdhury, was born at Aruakandi in Gopalganj.
1930: Began his schooling in a mission school in Chandpur as his father was posted as a medical officer   at the Chandpur Mission Hospital.
1935: Went to West Bengal and got admitted to Siksha Sangha High School in Bishnupur.
1942: Returned to Pabna as the World War II broke out.
1946: Joined a Naval mutiny against British Colonial rulers, and eventually got arrested. After five days in jail Samson H Chowdhury was sent to a concentration camp for a month. He was later released and also given a clean certificate of discharge and a recommendation for a government job in any administrative position, or in the law and order agency.
1952: On advice of his father, Samson started running his father's medicine shop 'Hossain Pharmacy'.
1956: Samson borrowed money from his father and opened a small pharmaceutical company named 'Esons' in Ataikula, Pabna. 'Esons' referred to Eakub and sons
1958: Formed a business partnership with three other friends, namely Dr Kazi Harunur Rashid, Dr PK Shaha and Radha Binod Roy. The four friends launched a pharmaceutical company named 'SQUARE' with an initial investment of Rs 17, 000.
1962: Opened a branch office at Hatkhola road in Dhaka.
1964: Square was converted into a private limited company with an authorized capital of Rs 500,000 and a paid up capital of Rs 400,000.
1985: Square achieved market-leadership among all national and multinational pharmaceuticals companies.
1987: Square became the first Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company to export products abroad.
1988: Square Toiletries started its operation as a separate division of Square Pharmaceuticals.
1991: Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd converted into a public limited company.
1996: Became President of Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) for two years.
1997: Square Pharmaceuticals won the National Export trophy. Mediacom Ltd was established.
1998: Received 'Business Executive of the Year' award given by American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh (AmCham). Agro-chemicals and Veterinary Products Division started operation.
  • Received 'Best Entrepreneur of the Country' award 2000–2001 given by the Daily Star and DHL
  • Worldwide Express.
  • Received 'Best Entrepreneur of the Country' award 2000-2001 given by the Daily Star and DHL Worldwide Express.
  • Square Consumer Products Ltd. started its operation.
2002: Square Informatics Ltd started its operation.
  • Received 'Mercantile Bank Award-2003' for "special contributions to industrial and commercial sectors".
  • Elected as Chairman of the Central Depository Bangladesh Limited
  • Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd obtained ISO 9001:2000 Certification.
  • Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was enlisted as UNICEF's global supplier.
  • Became Chairman of Transparency International Bangladesh, held the position till 2007.
  • New State-of- the-Art Square Cephalosporins Ltd went into operation. It was built under the supervision of TELSTAR S.A. of Spain as per the US FDA/ UK MHRA requirements.
  • SQUARE Herbal & Nutraceuticals Ltd. got the license in Bangladesh, in this particular field.
  • SQUARE Herbal & Nutraceuticals Ltd. got the license.
  • Sabazpur Tea Company Ltd. was established.
2006: SQUARE Hospitals Ltd. started its operation.
2009: Declared as 'Commercially Important Person, CIP (Export)' for 2009-10 by the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
2010: Received 'Lifetime Achievement Award' given by the British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce
2011: Maasranga, first HD TV channel in Bangladesh, went on air.
5 January 2012: Samson H Chowdhury died at the age of 86.


Square Hospitals Limited is a 400 beds tertiary care hospital and the leading contributor of private healthcare services in Bangladesh. This has been achieved only through consistent commitment to improving the lives of people through utmost service excellence since its inception on 16th December 2006. Square Hospital is one of the ventures of Square Group which is the top business group of the country. The reputation of Square Hospital is the result of quality clinical outcome and comprehensive care, made achievable through world class integrated healthcare facilities by highly trained professionals. Thus, Square Hospitals strives to meet patients’ standards through quality healthcare and making a difference in their lives.

This hospital is an affiliate partner of Methodist Healthcare, Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Christian Medical College-Vellore, India; Sing Health and Raffles Hospital, Singapore.

The outpatient department (OPD) of the hospital can serve up to 1800 patients daily, through 100+ consultation rooms. The outpatient services are open daily, except Friday, in a convenient morning, afternoon and late evening hours. Other than that our ER (Emergency dept) is fully operational 24/7 round the year. Square Hospital has almost all departments of medical service under one roof which enable us to deliver proper integrated services to our patients.

Square Hospital aims to provide unparalleled service to the people of Bangladesh by delivering the highest possible level of care. For this, huge investment has been made on equipment and technology.

Medical services will be provided as both outpatient and inpatient services as well as an Ambulance service. Dental services are also incorporated within the medical services.

Medical Services

OPD Service

The outpatient department of the hospital can serve 1800 patients per day through 90 examination rooms. To ensure optimum healthcare-hospitality, the patients are closely monitored in their waiting times in outpatient clinics, emergency and admissions.

Outpatient Facilities:
  • Dedicated fully-equipped medical consultation & exam rooms
  • Foreign-trained medical & nursing specialists
  • Open daily - convenient early morning / afternoon / late evening hours
  • All hospital services are carried out with the support of the hospital information system, especially tailored to meet the requirement of our staff and patients

Medical Specialties

  • Cardiology
  • Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery
  • Clinical Hematology
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Dental & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology
  • Emergency Medicine & Trauma Surgery
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • General & Cardiac Anesthesiology
  • General Surgery
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Hepato Biliary Surgery
  • Hepatology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Oncology
  • Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS)
  • Neonatal & Pediatric Surgery
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedic & joint Surgery
  • Otolaryngology (Ear/ Nose/ Throat)
  • Pediatrics & Neonatology
  • Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • Rheumatology
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Urology

IPD Services

Inpatient Facilities

  • Large, comfortable, full-furnished suites and deluxe patient care rooms
  • Large, clean, modern private & semi-private rooms
  • Cable TV & telephone services
  • Specialized hospital beds with all state-of-the-art medical outfits
  • Central gas system (piped oxygen in all units)
  • 24-hour nurse call & monitoring system
  • Dietitian supported meals

Critical Care Service

SHL is well-aware of the inadequate critical care services in Bangladesh. The ER, ICU and CCU are exceptionally well designed to rectify this. All ambulances will be staffed with trained paramedics. Two rooms in ER are dedicated as trauma rooms.

  • 24-hour Emergency & Trauma Services with Express TRIAGE & Resuscitation area
  • Emergency Cardiac Care Specialists
  • Trauma Surgery Specialists
  • 24-hour Ambulance Service
  • Regional Helicopter Transport Service

When a patient arrives at the ER, she/he will be seen at the ER triage area. Critical patients will immediately be sent to the area next to the triage area which is composed beds with intensive care facilities. Non-critical patients will travel to basement -1 via the lift located at the ER triage area. The lift connects the ER area to floors above where the patient can be transferred to ICU, CCU, OR and obstetric floor. This lift will not be used for any other purpose.


“ Make SQUARE synonymous with quality health care”


Deliver QUALITY health care within 5 CORE standards

  • Adhering to high ethical and moral standards at all times
  • Making service quality top priority in all we do
  • Training staff to work within a quality care environment
  • Providing quality health care service in all processes
  • Delivering customer satisfaction through quality service