Service Support

  • Professional USA-standard housekeeping & cleaning services
  • 24-hours pharmacy services
  • Convenient & secured car parking garage
  • Full-service cafeteria & snacks cafe
  • Computer info access
  • USA-standard safety & security system
  • Prayer rooms
  • Ground Ambulance Service: A fleet of total 6 ambulances, which includes state of the art Mercedes Benz Ambulances with all cardiac life support and ICU facilities
  • Square Air Ambulance Helicopter (a brand new Bell 407, USA): It has been specially adapted for its purpose, to enable patients to be treated to the standard of an intensive care unit in flight
  • The only fully functional Helipad on the roof of Square Hospital and an exclusive entrance to Emergency Department
All hospital services are carried out with the support of the Hospital Information system, especially tailored to meet the requirements of our staff and patients.