Oncology & Radiotherapy Centre

                  A Centre of Excellence for Cancer

 At Square Hospital we have international standard Oncology & Radiotherapy Centre with trained physicians and expert nurses and all modern equipments for investigation facilities for early diagnosis of cancer and integrated cancer treatment. We have an excellent world class Chemotherapy unit in our Oncology Centre. So integrated treatment of cancer is available at SQUARE Hospital.
Our Treatment facilities:
A. Chemotherapy :
i) High and Low dose chemotherapy
            ii) Immunotherapy
            iii) Monoclonal Antibody
B. Pain Management : Severe pain can be minimized by morphine syringector pumps, Fentanyl Patch and other means.
C. Complication Management: We are competent to manage any complication (side effect) during Chemotherapy or post chemotherapy.
D. Palliative Care Unit: Palliative care is one of the important parts of cancer management. Proper counseling regarding terminal patient management & proper information are given.
Radiotherapy Treatment Facilities:
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
  • 3-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy (3DCRT)
  • Dynamic ARC Radiation Therapy (D-Arc)
  • Electron Beam Radiation Therapy
  Our Quality Assurance Program:
  • Pre-treatment Verifications with IMRT Matrix
  • Patient Setup Verification with Portal Vision
  • Quality Assurance for Radiation Beam Center, Flatness and Symmetry by Quick Check device
  • Quality Assurance for Beam Isocenter by IsoCheck device
  • Regular Quality Assurance for Treatment Planning System
  • Quality Assurance for CT Simulator by CT Check Phantom
  • Regular Radiation Dosimetry by modern dosimetry equipment
  We have all the facilities to manage any emergency duing and after administration of chemotherapy, which includes the following:
Bedside Oxygen port, Suction machine, Cardiac Monitor and Defibrillator, ECG machine, Pulse Oximeter, Glucometer, Emergency medicine and equipments containing Crash Cart, CPR facilities.