Paediatric & Neonatology Centre

The unparallel leader in child health care

At Square Paediatric & Neonatology Centre we provide child and family centered care in a healing & comfortable environment. Our Paediatric specialists are here to provide you with the exceptional compassionate care that has been a hallmark of Square Hospital since we opened our doors.
In order to bring world class Paediatric & Neonatology care we have NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) & PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) with all the latest and proper state-of-the-art equipments. We will continue to seek out opportunities that will increase our ability to provide world class Paediatric care to patients in need and further our mission to improve the health and well being of children of our country.
Our physicians have extensive trainings and experiences in their respective specialties and our nursing staff is recognized for its exceptional quality.
At Square Paediatric & Neonatology Centre we are committed to providing our patients and the community with the highest level of care, safety and satisfaction.
To provide comprehensive and integrated Paediatric services we have -
  • International standard NICU          (Level:1-3, Neonatal intensive care unit)
  • Paediatric ICU                             (for critically ill children)
  • Paediatric Oncology                      (cancer treatment for children)
  • Paediatric Cardiology                    (cardiac treatment for children)
  • Paediatric and Neonatal Surgery     (exclusive surgery for new born babies)
  • Paediatric OPD Clinic                    (out-patient department )
  • Vaccination Centre
 Paediatric Surgery
In Paediatric Surgery department we have proper facilities to perform all types of surgeries including congenital deformation and proper management of post surgical cases by renowned Paediatric surgeons.
Meanwhile, apart from routine common surgeries (e.g. hernia and other minor surgeries as day care cases, laser and conventional circumcision) we have successfully performed some critical surgeries for new born babies and children, which include -
  • Surgery for Oesophageal Atresia
  • Pull Trough for Hirschsprung’s Disease   
  • Palatoplasty
  • Orchidopexy
  • Paediatric Laparoscopy
  • Choledocal cyst and other critical surgeries
 Moreover, our emergency department is open round the clock 365 days a year for any Paediatric emergency.