A Few Words

Square Hospital aims to provide unparallel service to the people of Bangladesh by delivering the highest possible level of care. For this, huge investment has been made on equipment and technology. We have successfully recruited about 30 consultants from USA, UK and quality hospitals from Middle East.

About half a dozen physicians are coming from CMC, Vellore. Bangladeshi physicians with impeccable reputation are also a part of the medical team. Huge emphasis has been made on quality nursing services, for which we have trained over a hundred nurses for more than a year. We have nurses educators from Australia, UK, India and the Philippines. Nurses and technicians have already received training from CMC Vellore and it continues to be an on-going process.  
Medical services will be provided as both outpatient and inpatient services as well as Ambulance Service. Dental services are also incorporated within the medical services.